Team Mr. Tuff

About Mr. Tuff

Mr Tuff, a long haired Chihuahua born a California native has been a "Beach Bum" his entire life. Rebelling against Obedience School , Mr. Tuff ditched school every chance he got to hit the waves ! Mr. Tuff has surfed some of the most prestigious waves any Surf Dog could imagine. Although believe to be the "Smallest" professional surfing dog Mr. Tuff  has no fear taking on the challenge of any "RUFF" wave offered !  A standard size wave for a large dog makes Mr. Tuffs waves 2 to 3 times taller in size for his short frame. But he welcomes the challenge. Mr. Tuff has no fear of "Wipeout" Mr. Tuff always rides a Long Board  as a short board is uncontrollable for his "feather" weight.  Mr. Tuffs "Sun Bleached" hairdo is his signature "Surfer Dude" look. Too cool for words and attitude that follows. Mr. Tuff Team color is "Lime Green" the color that lines tropical beaches.  Where palm trees meet the Ocean Breeze.  Come by and meet Mr. Tuff at his next Surf event,..Look for the Lime Green !

Let's go Surfin Safari !! Surf's up !!

Mr. Tuff can also be followed at Facebook Mr. TUff